Uptown eXpo [U/X] is a project in development by Avid Arts Management that will commission emerging artists to create new, responsive works that tackle pressing social issues affecting the communities in and around North Miami, FL.  In its first year, three artists from various disciplines will receive support to further their practice, including space for both creation and dialogue with community activist groups - to explore intersections of critical local issues including racial justice, affordable housing, gun violence, and climate change.  Residencies will last four months and culminate in pop-up performances or exhibits inviting North Miami leaders, residents, and youth to engage with the work and artists. 


Avid Arts envisions North Miami to soon become a hotbed of artistic creation and aesthetic exploration of its vibrant Caribbean culture and diaspora.  U/X will foster the exchange of ideas while offering under-recognized artists a platform for critical response.  The project is currently seeking seed funding with a target launch date of March 2020.


For more information email: UX@avidarts.net