Eddy Rivera Davis is a Miami-based songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His debut album Era Perspectiva unveils the artist’s post-progressive pop sensibility, a sound that synthesizes elements of world beat, rock, electro and urban music within modern compositions that feature eclectic arrangements and instrumentation.  The glossy 6 song set caresses yet challenges the listener with its differing styles, while showcasing the artist's knack for syncopation and lush harmonic vocal passages - both constants throughout the album.


As the title suggests, Era Perspectiva emerges from a period of deep reflection for the artist in 2020 - a dramatic time in America that featured the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, a social uprising, and the polarizing politics of an election year - all of which created "a much-needed impetus to reflect, create and respond musically,” says Rivera Davis. 


Along with personal love loss, the album’s lyrical content flirts with these weighty topics including establishment politics on "Imprism" and the forces of big data on “Trolls of the Deep Web,” when the artist sings “stop trolling me, you can’t control me” in tongue-in-cheek fashion, followed by a more somber “...somewhere down the road, we’ll just be pons in a private show...suck it ‘Zuck, Bill Gates, Macintosh...don’t want you to know.”


Era Perspectiva is the artist’s debut solo release after two decades of writing, arranging and performing with South Florida alternative bands Outereach, Addax, JESP and ProblemKids.

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